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Building Business Applications From Business Components.
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PowerCare, a product for Customer Support Services built using BitSlice component set.


Development Partner


Composite software systems provides comprehensive IT services and products in the area of Business Application Software development and maintenance.

Composite Software Systems endeavors to cut down project time and cost substantially while enhancing system quality. We make this possible by appropriate use of components available in the market, our own component suites, current component technologies and tools.

We carry out a systematic Analysis of the problem domain using UML methodologies. During the design stage our aim is to analyse and breakdown the problem into parts where much of the software could be engineered by integrating existing components, thereby reducing software development costs and time while enhancing quality.

No matter what the application domain, we make a difference by providing a solution using the right set of technologies, components and tools.


To provide high-quality, low-cost software solutions by leveraging the use of appropriate technologies and components.

To promote the concept of creating business applications by assembling and integrating them from components.




Custom application Developement Banking and Financials java, jsp, servlets, java beans
Application Support and Maintenance Financial Accounting html, dhtml, xml, javascript, css, php, AJAX
Migration and Re-engineering Manufacturing solr search technology for web
System Integration Trading VB, Asp, .net, Visual Studio, C#
Software Testing Bio-informatics C, C++
Software Product Development Retail MySql, Access, Oracle, other RDBMSs
Web development Website development Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio
Software Consultancy UML diagrams for Analysis and Design Modeling
Cytoscape tool for rendering Graphs and Networks

Ready-to-use BitSlice Components

BitSlice is a suite of Business Components addressing the Core Business Information needs of Organisations.

Business functionality has been packaged into simple, easy-to-use components and higher level component assemblies and sub-systems.

These components can be easily plugged into applications thereby reducing a significant portion of the efforts in software specification, design and development.

Components available cover the Master Data domain for typical business areas such as Customer, Product, Sales, Purchase, Order Processing, Deliveries and Payments.

BitSlice and Master Data Management

The BitSlice-Core encapsulates design patterns for processing and maintenance of Master Data into a set of 'abstract classes' with well defined 'APIs'. The core contains generic components that can be used across a variety of application systems. These components provide a uniform and consistent service layer for processing and maintenance of 'Core Business Entities' thereby aiding in effective Master Data Management.

Extendable Component set for Vertical segments

BitSlice Component set consists of abstractions that encapsulate the typical business requirements of Core Business Information. The core can be extended easily to create component sets in the Master Data Domain for verticals such as Insurance, Banking, Health Care, Customer Care and other domains.


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