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Technical Architecture

The application has been visualized to be partitioned into three typical architectural layers, viz. User Interface, Business Logic and Database layers as shown above.

In each layer, abstract classes have been built to encapsulate the typical requirements of 'Core Business Information' pertaining to that layer. For e.g., the classes BusinessObject and StaticData are abstract classes that provide services related to Business Objects in general. The class StaticDataChoiceList is an abstract class that provides services related to drop-down combo selection lists. The class StaticDataMaintenance and StaticDataInsert are abstract classes that provide services for user insertion of data.

The abstract classes have been extended to build concrete business components in generic areas and areas in the Trading and Manufacturing sectors. For e.g., the class 'Currency' is an extension of StaticData class and can be used in any application that deals with multiple currencies. Similarly, the class CurrencyChoiceList is an extension of StaticDataChoiceList and can be used on any transaction / report where a choice needs to be made on Currency.

The abstract classes can easily be extended to build 'component sets' for specific vertical segments.

Visual components that access data from the database have been built from components from within and across layers. Higher level assemblies too have been put together from components that may span one or more architectural layers. For e.g., the CurrencyChoiceList, which is a drop-down combo providing a list of currencies, makes use of components in the user interface layer as well as business object layer to provide the selection list filled with data.

All components have been coded in the Java programming language.


          Components have been engineered using O-O technology
          Java language used for development
          'Abstractions' built for Core Business Information
          Components built by extending the 'Abstractions'

Component sets for verticals

Component sets for other verticals such as Banking, Insurance, Health Care, etc. can be created from the abstract classes of the BitSlice Component set.

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