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Significant Reduction in Software Development Cost

Significant increase in Quality and System Reliability

Reduced Maintenance Cost

Provides an Infrastructure of Business Data and Business Functionality for any Application Development

Removes the burden of Analysis, Design and Development of Module(s) related to Core Information altogether from the Development Process

Reduced Project skill requirements in the areas of Business Analysis, Design and Specifications

Possible to build systems with high degree of flexibility, usability and robustness with no additional burden in terms of cost / time, for e.g., flexible levels of Business Analysis is possible since all core Information will be well structured and codified

Central Repository of Core Business Information and processing leads to reduced data Redundancy amongst various Enterprise Systems developed by different departments

Robust abstractions (generalizations) built for handling ‘Core Business Information’ by taking full advantage of O-O design techniques. This has led to Quantum reductions in the lines of code

All components can be extended for additional functionality since they have been built using O-O techniques

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