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BitSlice is a series of software Business Components produced by the company 'Composite Software Systems'. Business Functionality that is common to a wide range of applications, has been packaged into Simple and Easy-to-Use Components, higher level Component Assemblies and Component Sub-systems. The component/s encapsulate cohesive sets of business computations, validations, data retrieval, data definition, generation and maintenance facilities. The components come along with relevant business data, where applicable.

The BitSlice component set can be used for building business applications in areas such as Trading, Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance, Health Care, Accounting and many other business domains. The component set consists of:
a) Generic components that can be used to build applications across various vertical business domains.
b) Abstractions that encapsulate the typical business requirements of
Core Business Information. The abstractions can be extended easily to get component sets for use in applications for specific vertical business segments.
b) Components that cover typical business functions such as Sales, Purchase, Order Processing, Deliveries, Payments, Customers and Products.

The Components have been developed using the Java platform and may be deployed as Java Beans and/or Class Libraries in 2/3/n-tier system architectures and desktop applications. The visual components may be plugged into web pages, application forms/windows. All Components are customizable by the user for relevant look-and-feel and functional features. All components are provided with exhaustive sets of APIs. All Components can be fully integrated into commercially available IDEs for Java.

Users can pick-and-choose a set of components based on their application needs. BitSlice 4.1 is the current offering in the BitSlice series.

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