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Component List

The BitSlice-Core consists of a set of abstractions for the definition and management of 'Core Business Information' across a range of application domains. It encapsulates design patterns for processing and maintenance of Master Data into a set of 'abstract classes' with well defined 'APIs'. The core also contains generic components that can be used across a variety of application systems. These components provide a uniform and consistent service layer for processing and maintenance of 'Core Business Entities' thereby aiding in effective Master Data Management. The core can be extended to create component sets for vertical business domains.

The core has been extended to create the BitSlice Standard Edition. Given below is a list of the important classes that form part of the extendable 'Core'.


Data Selection Lists,
Business Lists,

Business Object Components


Database Components

StaticDataManager (abstract classes)

StaticDataChoiceList, StaticDataBusinessList, StaticDataMaintenance, (Insert, Delete, Modify, Undodelete, Delete Permanently)

BusinessObject, StaticData, StaticDataList, StaticDataHistory, StaticDataHistoryList, Branch


StaticDataManager (concrete classes)

Address, Contact, ComponentErrorMessage, ComponentConfirmationMessage, Installation, ProgressPanel, ValidationException

AddressCard, ContactCard





TableCreation, TableLoader

Refer Installation and Usage document for details of Installing and using the components

Refer Customization for details on how components can be customized, changed or extended

Application Areas
BitSlice Core Business Pack