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Composite Software Systems has executed Consultancy/Developement Projects for the following Clients:-

  • Joomla Website Development

  • Composite Software Systems has expertise in joomla website development including site optimization having developed several websites using joomla CMS. Refer (Physics learning website) and (Doctor website) for viewing joomla sites developed by Composite Software Systems.

  • Physics Learning website using solr search technology
  • Composite Software Systems was responsible for turnkey development of a physics learning website on solr 4.0. This site provides facilities to search across a large volume of Physics books, exercises and videos. The site is targeted for students from grade 9-grade12. All books, exercises and videos are indexed on SOLR server. Books can be in multiple formats, viz, .pdf, .doc, .csv or .txt. and are imported and indexed in SOLR. Students can search for books, videos and exercises on their topic of interest and view the results online. They can also upload their own books / videos / exercises.

  • Sentimental Analysis using Solr
  • Composite Software Systems successfully executed a research project whose aim was to do a 'sentimental analysis' on product feedback data using solr. Solr was used to split the review data into phrases and provide a sentimental analysis on the same.

  • Java Web Scraper
  • Composite Software Systems was responsible for development of a web scraper in java for a client in China. This application involved scraping of all data of all apps (including downloading of images) from the itunes app store and windowsphone site and used multi-threading and JMS. The project involved using jsoup APIs for parsing websites,java multi-threading and JMS.

  • Job Search site ( using Solr search technology
  • Composite Software Systems was responsible for development of job search APIs using solr search technology for The project involved analysing user job search requirements, designing solr schema, indexing search data and providing front-end web pages for simple, advanced search faceted results, filtering and drill downs and mechanism for incremental updates to job search data. Composite Software Systems was also responsible for optimizing the site so as to ensure 2-4 sec response time on high volume data.

  • Honcho llc, Texas
  • Composite software Systems was responsible for development of Java based search API implementation using solr search server for the site. Java API's had to be provided to search for user entered text across a large volume of books available in Pdf format. The books had to be indexed in solr. Front end for this project was in Php and the operating system was Linux based CentOS.

  • Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, New Delhi
  • Prabha Anantaram, founder of Composite Software Systems is currently serving as 'Research Associate' in the project 'An integrated approach for software engineering' being undertaken by the Institute. In this capacity, she provides consultancy for software engineering projects.

  • Metaome Science Informatics Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
  • Composite Software Systems provided high-end consultancy for Product requirements and design modeling for 'Distil'-a product that uses cutting edge semantic technologies to enable scientists, chemists and biologists sift through high-volume bioinformatics data available on the internet.Composite provided know-how on modeling the product using UML diagrams and formal design methodology.

    Composite Software Systems was also responsible for the development of the front-end module of Distil, that provides a web based, google-like autocomplete interface to enable users to make queries on scientific data by making selections on domain terms and domain meta ontology, while at the same time providing visualization of the query in the form of a graph tree.

  • Param Software Services, Pune
  • Composite Software Systems partnered with Param Software Services Pvt Ltd to create Power Care, a product for empowering customer support and services. Power Care is a simple, easy-to-use product for that helps organisations meet their support requirements. Power Care has been built by assembling ready-to-use BitSlice components resulting in enhance robustness and quality and a 30% reduction in software development costs.

  • FoodsonNet Pvt Ltd, Pune
  • Composite Software Systems provided consultancy for conceptualisation and product design for a web based service targeted towards companies in the food processing industry. The product helps companies to achieve instant order processing and reduce inventory levels.

  • Tata Consultancy Services, Pune
  • Prabha Anantaram, founder of Composite Software Systems was a consultant to Tata Consultancy Services and responsible for conceptualising components for use across application systems.

  • ZenSar Ltd, Pune (formerly ICIM, Pune)
  • Prabha Anantaram, founder of Composite Software Systems was a consultant to Zensar and responsible for total systems review of a number of application systems being developed by Zensar for its' clients.

  • Trilogix Pvt. Ltd,Pune
  • Composite Software Systems provided high-end consultancy to Trilogix to determing product features and funtionality for the development of 'Tradelite' a product for Traders across industry segments. "Tradelite" is a modular set of applications designed to address the core needs of Trading Industry covering business functions related to Sales, Purchase, Order, Inventory and Finance. This product was developed inhouse by Trilogix.

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