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Component List
The BitSlice component suite consists of:

BitSlice Core: Refer Core component list for the list of components in the core.

BitSlice Standard and Enterprise Editions: consists of all components in ‘BitSlice Core’ along with components listed below:


Data Selection Lists,
Business Lists,

Business Object Components


Database Components


Currency selection, Currency Business List, Currency Maintenance, (Insert, Delete, Modify, Undodelete, Delete Permanently)

Currency, Currency List, Rate History, Rate History List

Currency Card

Base currency create, Base currency load, Currency create, Currency load, Rate history create

Payment Methods

Payment Term selection, Payment Mode selection, Payment Term Business List, Payment Mode Business List, Payment Term Maintenance, Payment Mode Maintenance

Payment Term, Payment Term List, Payment Mode, Payment Mode List

Payment Card

Payment Mode create, Payment Mode load, Payment Term create, Payment Term load

Credit Card

Credit Card selection, Credit Card Business List, Credit Card Maintenance

Credit Card, Credit Card List

Credit Card create, Credit Card load


Bank selection, Bank Branch selection, Bank Business List, Bank Maintenance, Bank Branch Maintenance

Bank, Bank List, Bank Branch, Bank Branch List

Bank create, Bank load, Branch create, Branch load


Country selection, State selection, City selection, Country Business List, State Business List, City Business List, Country Maintenance, State Maintenance, City Maintenance

Country, Country List, State, State List, City, City List, Address, Contact

Address Card, Contact Card

Country create, Country load, State create, State load, City create, City load


Carrier selection, Delivery Term selection, Transport Mode selection, Packaging selection, Carrier Business List, Delivery Term Business List, Transport Mode Business List, Packaging Business List, Carrier Maintenance, Delivery Term Maintenance, Transport Mode Maintenance, Packaging Maintenance

Carrier, Carrier List, Delivery Term, Delivery Term List, Transport Mode, Transport Mode List, Packaging, Packaging list

Carrier create, Carrier load, Delivery Term create, Delivery Term load, Transport Mode create, Transport Mode load, Packaging create, Packaging load

Transaction Types

Transaction Type selection, Transaction Category selection, Transaction Type Business List, Transaction Category Business List, Transaction Type Maintenance, Transaction Category Maintenance

Transaction Type, Transaction Type List, Transaction Category, Transaction Category List

Transaction Type create, Transaction Type load, Transaction Category create, Transaction Category load


Discount selection, Discount Business List, Discount Maintenance, Discount Slab selection, Discount Slab Business List, Discount Slab Maintenance

Discount, Discount List, Slab Based rate, Slab Based rate List

Discount create, Discount load, Slab Based rate create, Slab Based rate load


Tax selection, Tax Business List, Tax Maintenance

Tax, Tax List

Tax create, Tax load


Customer category selection, Customer category Business List, Customer category Maintenance, Customer selection, Customer Business List, Customer Maintenance

Customer category, Customer category List, Customer, Customer List

Customer category create, Customer category load, Customer create, Customer load


Product category selection, Product category Business List, Product category Maintenance, Product selection, Product Business List, Product Maintenance

Product category, Product category List, Product, Product List

Product category create,Product category load, Product create, Product load

Refer Installation and Usage document for details of Installing and using the components

Refer Customization for details on how components can be customized, changed or extended

Application Areas
BitSlice Core Business Pack