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Sample Applications

The BitSlice components may be used to build business applications in java platforms. Some examples are given below:

      1. Invoice: This shows how a java application to raise an Invoice can be built using the components. The components are fully integrated into popularly available IDEs such as Sun Studio, Eclipse, etc. The different steps involved in putting together the application using Forte for java IDE is shown along with the live Invoice application. The live application is a partially functional Invoice built in java. The invoice has been built using a number of components such as selection lists for currency, payment method, credit card, payment term, etc., Payment card assembly to calculate the due date and due/overdue days, Address card assembly to capture and validate the delivery address, currency card assembly to do currency calculations and the relevant business object components to perform the required business calculations.

      3. Case Study: This case study shows how the BitSlice component suite has been successfully used to build a product called PowerCare in the Customer care domain. BitSlice components were extended to build a component set for the Customer Care domain. These components were then put together to produce the PowerCare product. For more details on PowerCare see .

      2. Currency Business List: This is a Currency Business list bean embedded in a JFrame. The component has been embedded as is and allows the user to view the currencies, their rates and other properties and also to perform maintenance activities on the list.

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