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Composite Software Systems provides comprehensive IT services and products in the area of Business Application Software development and maintenance.

Composite Software Systems endeavors to cut down project time and cost substantially while enhancing system quality.We make this possible by appropriate use of components available in the market, our own component suites, current component technologies and tools.

We carry out a systematic Analysis of the problem domain using UML methodologies. During the design stage our aim is to analyse and breakdown the problem into parts where much of the software could be engineered by integrating existing components, thereby reducing software development costs and time while enhancing quality.

Our Component Technology Cell is constantly engaged in identifying and fabricating reusable business components for use in various domains such as trading, manufacturing, banking, etc. We have used our components successfully to cut down time and costs by as much as 30% for our client projects.

No matter what the application domain, we make a difference by providing a solution using the right set of technologies, components and tools.

Company History

The company was formed in June 2000 and is headed by Ms. Prabha Anantaram, who worked with TCS for around 16 years prior to starting the company. She has over 20 years of experience in both product development and turnkey application development in India and abroad. She has extensive experience in building software applications for domains such as Trading, Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance, Retail and other areas. She also has considerable experience in International consulting, IT outsourcing and IT services. She received the National I.T. award from Computer Society of India (CSI) for the design and development of the financial software product called 'E-X', which was adjudged the 'Best Product of the Year' in 1996.

Component Technology Cell

Building a software business application quickly without sacrificing the quality is possible with 'ready-to-use' business components technology.This helps reduce a substantial portion of the time and effort involved in the software application design, its development and testing.Our component technology cell is involved in identifying and fabricating business components for use in business applications across various vertical domains. Our product 'BitSlice', a suite of business components addressing core parts of 'Master Data Management' domain of application systems, has been successfully used in our client projects to enhance quality and cut down project costs.

The BitSlice 4.1 is the current offering in our component series and constitutes a set a business components to deal with the processing of Core Business Information for enterprises. Composite Software Systems owns the copyright to the BitSlice source code.


Our integrated project & quality management frameworks enable us to make more accurate estimates, control the project milestones, thus reducing the inherent uncertainty that exists in technology projects. Our quality processes ensure that error injection rates are minimized and errors are detected and corrected at an early stage.


We actively partner with companies and our own clients to develop products and components suites for various business domains. We bring our technical expertise and reusable frameworks into the partnership. This, together with the business expertise of our partner enables us to bring superior solutions into the marketplace.

Composite Software Systems
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